Thursday, May 11, 2006

Voice services use cases

I started a thread on the JSF protocol list earlier to define categories to be included in the JSF registrar for discovery of media services. I believe we have reached some consensus, but as a drawing is always worth a thousand words, I have illustrated a few use cases to show how these categories could be used.

In the JSF registrar lingua, gateways provide connections to other services/networks so that XMPP entities can communicate in certain ways with non-XMPP entities. On the other hand, proxies are server-side or middle-side helpers that enable you to communicate in certain ways with other XMPP entities. An entity can provide both a gateway and a proxy service, as the two categories are not mutually exclusive.

I have chosen three use cases, I believe easy to put in perspective with existing installations.

PBX front end: in this example, a Jingle gateway is facing the XMPP network and offering discovery, feature negotiation and jingle session signaling services to the client applications.

The drawing shows a Jingle soft phone client, but it could be any Jingle XMPP application, including another PBX front end. In this later case, it will be possible to build an overlay signaling network based on Jingle.

XMPP/SIP gateway: this example shows only a multimedia session negotiation gateway.

The drawing illustrate how two voice clients using these two different signaling protocols could negotiate an audio session. Again, the drawing shows soft-phones, but it could be any kind of SIP audio user agents communicating with any Jingle XMPP application.

Rate based routing: this example represents an XMPP only application, where several Jingle VoIP service providers are offering call termination to the PSTN at different competitive rates.

A Jingle enabled aggregator is exposed to the XMPP network through discovery, receiving instant call rate information from the different VoIP providers via JEP-60 PubSub. The Jingle client will initiate a voice session with the Jingle proxy, which in turns will decide according to its internal rates tables and rules to redirect the Jingle session to one of the VoIP services.

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