Saturday, June 17, 2006

Weaving an identity society

…Society must evolve to become an integrated yet privacy-enabled medium for people's diverse expressions of identity…

When I commented on Luke Razzell’s blog I wasn’t really expecting more than voicing an opinion on the growing Microsoft influence in the identity and privacy space. Luke hinted at the paper he had been co-authoring with John Madelin of BT to address some of the biased “laws” set by Kim Cameron and “set out a a more comprehensive vision of an Identity Web”.

Since then Luke’s announcement has become a reality, and taken the form of an open discussion wiki. The Web is becoming a more human-friendly and semantically-rich space, where people will be able to negotiate control of online information sharing. An “Identity Age” is dawning. The Identity Society wiki is aimed at discussing the nature of the associated challenges in depth:

  • Lead with thesis,
  • Avoid polemics,
  • Be accessible to a broad range of stakeholders,
  • Drill down from broad philosophical context to specific user requirements and business cases

For those wondering, this is what kept me away from blogging the past week…

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